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First the dvergarsif understands itself as a mutual kindred partnership of weal with functions of cult, shelter and economic, whereby family-sociology the constitutive household in this sense exists since some years again. In law the dvergarsif is the smallest part of kindred within all lawful consequences. The dvergarsif is in weal and woe bound to the mutual fortune. 

The dvergarsif is a kindred family in its deepest sense of the word. It is no sect! The dvergarsif includes only kindred members, which live with equal rights in a konsence-democratical way by ancient habits. 

And these are the dwarfs:

Once upon there was a time, there lived a honest man in a land far away. The land was home of all his forefathers, but the time was just another and from the ancient habit there was nothing found anymore. Courageous the man walked his way, and although the people laughed about him, he stayed in truth and he stayed faithful and constant to the virtues of his forefathers from the ancient time. He was one of the Waldler, as a backwoodsman called native, and he was assiduous like the bees, which are called „Heinzen“ in German, too; therefore he was called the „Waldheinzi“. 

From the mountains a traditional family was dispossessed and banished, thereof a daughter grew up. Then she became its Waldheinzis wife: the dyrgja Erlefri. With her he generated posterity then. At first a hunchbacked dwarf showed the light of the worlds. Twenty moons later a sister followed the dwarf. This was the fire-goat. 

Today the Waldheinzi was gone home into the Eternal Wood. His folks live behind the Seven Mountains into a forest together with Mr. Schellinski. And therefore they did not die; they live on to these days anymore, the dwarfs:



Glimmgeiß, the burned down Fire-Goat

                                                                          The Zwerig

Mr. Schellinski, Wido the Dwarf-Schnauzer